Talking Man by Mike Heppner (trade edition)

Heppner artfully frames the reader’s perception and interpretation and then reverses and complicates them both without breaking the flow of the narrative, making this short story rich and complex, keeping the reader thinking about the story long after the last line.  - Josh Maday, The Chapbook Review 

$9.5o (includes shipping)

X^2/Y = 0, but Potential Energy Remains by Jacob Severn

A story told in letters to XXX, signed ______________, a narrator who explores the depths and end of hopelessness. 

$9.5o (includes shipping)


The Viral Lease by Mathias Svalina

The Viral Lease is a work of sincere transmission that is one part catharsis and several parts a grotesque relay of facts that serve as a warning sign: much damage at home yet to be undone.  

 "One thing I most admire is his ability to turn the poem toward places it should never go. He's risky." 
 - Zachary Schomburg 


$9.5o (includes shipping)

A Field Guide to the Intractable by Kimiko Hahn

A lyrical diary in the zuihitsu form, printed on translucent paper, accordion bound in letterpress cover, wrapped in cotton with silkscreen.  

$2o.oo (includes shipping)